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?"building we◆alth" among peo●ple of color and ■other marginalized c

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    do●llars in new

    ●ommunities."We'v●e got to start■ empowering pe◆ople," Booker ◆said.Businessman A○ndrew Yang was● asked what he ○would say to Ru■ssian Presid●ent Vladimir Put●in if he got ●the chance &■mdash; and joked abo●ut that le◆ader's cordial re■lationship wi〓th Trump.


    "First o●f all, I'd say ■I'm sorry ●I beat your〓 guy," Yang s〓aid with a grin●, drawing howls◆ of laughter from● the audie●nce.Please ○sca

  • Businessreve

    n the QR Code ●to follow us on Inst■agramPlease scan ●the QR Code to follo○w us on Wechat"●Game of Throne◆s" and "Ma

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  • The Support year○s

    — ○drawing

    rvelous○ Mrs. Maisel" ○win big at 70th ●Primetime Emm◆y Awards"Game o〓f Thrones" and "Marv●elous Mrs. Maisel" 〓win big at 70th Pri●metime Emmy 〓Awards"Game of Thro●nes" and "Marvelous◆ Mrs. Maisel"● win big at 70th Pr○imetime Emmy Awa〓rds09-18-20◆18 14:14 BJT"?/p> critic●ism b

    馟ame of Thrones" and● "Marvelous Mrs. 〓Maisel" won ◆top awards Monda〓y evening at t●he 70th Primetime E〓mmy Awards, picki●ng up outstand○in

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    We Build

    g drama series a●nd outstanding c●omedy series, res■pectively.●HBO's "Game of Thr●ones" returned t■o the Emmys◆ after a year out?/p>

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    Live Solutions

    ?of contention and l■ed the nominati■ons with 22 ○nods. The fantasy d■rama telev●ision series is an◆ adaptation of● George R. R.

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    In-time Delivery

    Mar●tin's series● of fantasy novels◆. It's the third● Emmy wins of "Game 〓of Thrones"◆ for best ●drama series foll■owing two wi

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    24x7 Support

    ns● in a row in〓 2015 and 2016."T■he show is only as ◆good as the peopl◆e who make● it. And we h●ad the greatest ca●st, the grea

  • li○ke Biden and B●uttig


    t as ○the first fan●tasy series to win B〓est Drama, we〓 certainly change○d the genre an●d opened the 〓door for other qu

  • ieg, who thi


    〓ality fantasies.◆"Peter Dinklag◆e also won his thir●d Emmy for most outs■tanding su◆pporting actor in a ●drama s

  • ■nk she's tryin〓g


    eries for ■"Game of Thr■ones." Dinklage ◆has been nominated i■n the catego■ry seven times〓 and won the aw○ard in 2011

  • to distance hersel◆f


    and 2●015."I had some co○ncerns goin◆g into thi●s role, becau●se usually a ◆role about someone● my size us〓ually does ?/p>

  • e fi〓rst week of○ hi

    s admini◆stra

    rds for Best ◆Com

    edy and Lea■d Actress.When ask●ed about the relev●ance of the ○show given the ●transforming e〓ffects of ●feminist activis●m on the polit○ical landscape of T○imes Up and #Me Too 〓movements,● writer/dire◆ctor/execu●tive produce●r powerhouse, 〓Amy Sherman-P〓alladino, t〓old Xinhu

  • tion.Booker fa●ced

    especially inten

    a,● "You ca

    n'○t plan that kind of ●perfect timing. We ●never expected● when this ●came out that Hollyw●ood would be ta●king down so◆ many trolls ◆in real li〓fe. But, nobody g●ives you props for ■playing it safe●, so we wen◆t for it."〓The series f○ollows a hou○sewife

○se press

ure 〓Wednesday since ●he

in 1958 New Y■ork City who ?/p>

鬱iscovers she

has● a knack for

stand-u◆p comedy and r

〓einvents hers?/p>

馿lf after her h〓usband runs■ of

f with anoth◆er woman.Rachel ○Bronsn

's yet t

o me〓et

the Democrat〓ic National

ahan got the● last laugh when

she● snagged

the Best ●Actres

s in the fiel〓d for "Th

e ■Marvelous Mr

s. Mais■el." When as〓ked why she

tho〓ught the show wa■s so successfu


l,◆ she tol


polling r〓equirements fo

d Xinhu●a, "Its aspirat〓iona

l. I've◆ alwa

ys wanted to p■la

y complex, interes〓ting

and ground◆ed

women. And● it's about a woma〓n

who reinvents h●erself when her drea?/p> r the ■

Collect from /

December d

ebat◆e in California. He?/span>

鰉 fell apart◆ after she achi

ev◆ed everyth

◆ing she thought

she◆ wanted. An○d it's

filled wi◆th j

oy at its co◆re."Her co-star, Ale

◆x Borstein, who 〓plays Mrs. ●Maise


e● need to mo

l's tough-ta○lking Greenwic○h Village ●promoter, walked awa●y with the Bes●t Supporting Actr◆ess in a comedy.Afte〓r doing a m

re app

ock strip● tease

iately tax th●e w

on her● way to the ●podium, Borste

ealthy, but ■

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